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Guitar Concept’s Lesson Plan

Guitar Concept is a unique because we break down your lessons in to three separate concepts:

The Body, Mind and Soul

Left & Right Handed
Versions included!!
Guitar Concept Instructional Software-Learn the notes on the guitar neck!

Guitar Concept is a comprehensive guitar course
for the
beginner, intermediate and advanced guitarist.

Included in this remarkable CD is:

· Over 90 exercises with more than 100 midi files.

· 35 Exercises explained using easy to read Tab.

· 65 graphical diagrams of scales and chords that require no music reading experience.

· 19 CD quality backup tracks to jam to.

· The Notefinder practice page that assures you'll know where every note on the guitar is.

· The most incredible chord dictionary that shows you every possible way to play 156 different chords. Not just two or three variations like most chord dictionaries.

· A Scale Dictionary that list 144 scales and the chords that go with them.

· A Key Signature Practice page for those who wish to take their knowledge of music theory to a new level.

· A Terminology page that defines all those terms that you may be unfamiliar with.

· Online expert help for any and all of your questions!

Frustrated, Overwhelmed, Confused?
You've found your answer!

Guitar Concept uses a new concept for teaching guitar.
Your practice time is split into three different categories; The Body, The Mind and The Soul.


· The Body deals with hand dexterity, speed and control.

· The Mind deals with knowledge of scale, chords and how they interact with each other.

· The Soul deals with putting all together and making it sound the way you want it to sound.

Like having your own private instructor!

· Online help from a professional guitar instructor.

· Less than the price of one private lesson.

· Learning Guitar is difficult, you'll need help...

· Don’t understand a lesson?

· Contact us through the program and let us help!

· We’ll answer all of your guitar related questions.

· And we won’t charge you $25 and hour!

· This service is included free of charge.


Tons of info... Step by Step Approach

· Remember, we stand behind our products 100%

· If  for any reason you are not satisfied...

· We’ll refund all of your entire money for 30 days after purchase.

· No Questions Asked!

Wait don’t take our word for it!

You won’t be the first on the block to own it.

CD’s sold across the U.S.

CD's sold across the U.S.
Guitar Concept
"...computers are still the best tool for learning the guitar."

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