Guitar Chord Wizard is destined to be as popular as the Guitar Concept Complete Lesson Plan. No other dictionary has so much to offer. no other Dictionary!!

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Chord Wizard chord and scale dictionary by Guitar Concept
Have you ever wondered how many ways there is to play a G Major Chord?

· No you haven’t. Well now it’s time!

· Yes you have. We have the program for you!

Guitar Chord Wizard from Guitar Concept takes the  confusion out of chord and scale theory. This is done by showing  you exactly how chords fit into scales. This innovative new program makes the chore of learning chords, scales  and their relationship to one another as easy as A B C. Interactive, and easy to use, Guitar Chord Wizard is sure to take your guitar playing to new levels.

The Chord Finder section plays any chord you can conjure using high quality wave files of actual guitar tones. Save those chord into a progression and listen to how they interact at a variety of tempos.

An incredibly comprehensive chord and scale dictionary along with thorough instructions make Guitar Chord Wizard an invaluable asset to guitarists of all levels.


Left or right handed, lead or rhythm, all guitarist will benefit greatly from Guitar Concept’s Chord Wizard. Easy format makes learning a breeze. A detailed help file assures your questions will be answered. Unsurpassed customer service is the icing on the cake.

As with all of our products, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Download Guitar Concept’s Chord Wizard and take your knowledge of chord and scale theory to new levels, Guaranteed!!

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