Learning the names and location of notes on the guitar neck is the single most important skill you can learn as a guitarist. Notefinder makes it possible!

...the fastest way to learn the guitar neck!

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Guitar Concept Instructional Software-Notefinder. Learn or teach all of the notes on the guitar neck.
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"...computers are still the best tool for learning the guitar."
Learn or teach notes on the guitar neck with Notefinder by Guitar Concept

One of the most important skills you must learn as a guitarist is the names of the notes on the guitar neck. In the past this has been a tedious chore and as a result, you’ll find few guitarists that know the fretboard as well as they should. Notefinder changes this forever!

Notefinder by Guitar Concept-Created by Tim Beckstein

Whether you are left or right handed, beginner or advanced you’ll benefit from Notefinder’s unique design. Simply set the program for your current skill level and start mastering the fretboard. Never has it been so easy to tackle such a difficult task. Marked improvement are noted in just a few sessions. A detailed help file provides additional ease of use.

Configure the program for your current skill level
Left or Right Handed, Beginner or Advanced
Prove its effectiveness by graphing your results
Guaranteed results in just 10 days!

The beauty of Notefinder is that you can actually prove to yourself how effective it really is by seeing the results on a graph. There will be no doubt in your mind that the fastest, most concise way to learn the fretboard is with Notefinder. But don’t take our word for it, ask our customers.

Learn the location of notes on the guitar neck
inside and out with our proven system!

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Notefinder from Guitar Concept will teach the location of the notes on the guitar neck quickly and easily. Our Fretboard mapping technique assures that learning the notes and frets will be painless. Monitor your progress with our fretboard graph which displays the areas you need to work.