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I started Guitar Concept over 10 years ago. The intention was to provide the best guitar lessons to the public that I could while not interfering with my personal life. I felt that I accomplished that goal quite well. We sold over 4000 copies of my software, made a good amount of money and it never seriously interfered with my family life.

Although, what I found was that the business actually took me away from the thing that I loved the most. THE GUITAR! I found that I had become a slave to the computer, e-mail and telephone.

I then started giving private guitar lessons again and found that was my real calling. Helping people become the guitarist that they always dreamed of was what I really wanted to do!

So enjoy the Guitar Concept programs, and please don’t hesitate to write and ask questions. I won’t be able to respond right away anymore but I will respond.

The last item is that if you feel, and only if you feel, that my programs have helped you in any way on your journey to becoming a better guitarist, please donate $1 to the cause. It will go to maintaining the software and website.

My goal is to help people learn to play guitar!

Tim Beckstein Author of Guitar Concept   


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Why it's Free


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